Reggio Inspired Emergent Curriculum & Constructivist Practices in Early Childhood Education

JTB Gallery

DrBThe JTB Gallery presents the visual arts of Jane Tingle Broderick, who came to early childhood education through her experiences as an artist.

The artworks emerge from a place where dreams, meditations, and waking life reality merge. Her inspiration is the everyday stuff of life and all that motivates us to be human sentient beings.

Family and nature are always in mind, and Jane believes that being an artist keeps her as open to wonder and curiosity as the children she is blessed to share time with in her current role as an educator.

"Paintings are images that act like dreams; unfolding before me and informing me of the ways that the many aspects of my path intertwine; growing through a non-linear cyclical process. They offer me an intuitive, highly intelligent guidance for our way of being in the world. Some consider these elements to be the essence of experiencing the feminine. By paying attention to my process through my art I discover unknown sources of strength, awareness and wisdom that help my dreams come to life."