Reggio Inspired Emergent Curriculum & Constructivist Practices in Early Childhood Education



Will focus on the phases of the Cycle of Inquiry in 4 training sessions:

  1. Phases 1 & 2: Observing and interpreting thinking
    • Interpreting your observation records to recognize the many cross-discipline opportunities for learning.
  2. Phase 3: Curriculum action plan
    • Based on your observations and interpretations of children’s play.
    • Discovering children’s questions.
    • What is their inquiry focus?
    • What are your questions about the children?
  3. Phases 4 & 5: Inquiry provocation Plan and Facilitate Play
    • For next steps in learning
    • Based on the best intersection of learning opportunities explored in phases 1-3.
  4. Phase 6: Reflective Evaluation & Documentation Panels
    • Revisit the play you facilitated.
    • Revisit phases of the cycle for clarification and scaffolding.
    • Learn to create Documentation Panels from the documentation within the COI forms you’ve been working with.

Will use the Cycle of Inquiry System to document children’s and teachers’ thinking throughout.  Designed to guide teachers to learn to observe, document, reflect, and plan intentionally, there is a form for each phase of the cycle.

Will include time between each training session to allow for assimilation into your practices within your context.  We provide an interactive online classroom to support you virtually during these interludes, where we review and give feedback to your ongoing COI documentation.

Additional training sessions: Extend the focus of the four phases of the Cycle of Inquiry as needed

Training facilitators:  Dr. Broderick & Dr. Hong.