Reggio Inspired Emergent Curriculum & Constructivist Practices in Early Childhood Education

The Cycle of Inquiry

Emergent curriculum is hard to define (Gandini & Goldhaber, 2001; Mardell & Carbonara, 2013; Jones as cited in Dittman, 1977).  Teacher practices in emergent inquiry curriculum planning have been identified as a cycle of inquiry (Gandini & Goldhaber, 2001).  Many of these are hidden because they represent the various phases of thinking that teachers engage in when observing, interpreting, and planning emergent curricular trajectories.  The Cycle of Inquiry System is a pedagogical tool to aid teachers in documenting the valuable thinking processes they engage in when planning emergent curricula.

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The Cycle of Inquiry Forms are available

Observation Record Form

Interpreting Thinking Form

Curriculum Action Plan Form

Inquiry Provocation Plan Form

Reflective Evaluation Form


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