Reggio Inspired Emergent Curriculum & Constructivist Practices in Early Childhood Education

Color and Texture Journey

I have been playing with the colors andVersion 2 textures of fabrics and threads.  Cutting and piecing here and there before committing to a specific design.  Using pins for placement so changes can still occur.

In my designs I see interesting differences in sections with subtly toned transitions and sections with greater contrast of color. Mmmm … I want to use threads to stitch and stitch, criss-crossing them into patches of color to play even more with these transitions.

Why am I sharing this? Because this playful time is a wonderful get-away for me.  I feel as if I am in another place, a new environment. At the end of a session I need to remind myself that yes, I am really back in Tennessee.  I have satisfied a creative urge that I feel I can carry with me into my day to day experiences.

An educator asked about New Year’s resolutions from other educators around the world.  I will continue with this color and texture journey … with fabrics and threads.   As an artist turned educator, I have less time to work with painting media, so I am thrilled with this new way to “be with color.”


What is your resolution? Can you carve out a creative practice that fits into your day to day?

For children? How can you assist children to enter into creative experiences with color and texture?

  • Think paper cut outs
  • Think shapes of fabric and string
  • Hold off on the glue so children can design and redesign …



Posted by Jane Broderick

  • Katie Shadden

    I’ve been experimenting with textiles and fiber arts over the past few months, and my “New Year” project is a felted wool/crochet-square quilt. Time is always a challenge, so as I focus on making a more concerted effort to build me-time into my personal routine, I hope to more clearly identify these skills so that I can incorporate them into conversations with the educators I work with on a daily basis. (Side note- I think fiber arts are an underrepresented creative outlet in ece settings… challenge accepted. 🙂 )

  • Jane Broderick

    Thanks for your response Katie,
    It is great to hear that finer arts have caught your interest. As you identify related skills please share with us in this blog. Also, if you are up for it I would love to post an image / images of your creations. Send to me in email!