Reggio Inspired Emergent Curriculum & Constructivist Practices in Early Childhood Education

Tamara Cohen


Stone Pattern

The first concepts I focused on were texture, shape, and color. 
The stones were appealing to me because they were smooth, round, and glossy (not sure if this term really falls under color). After I examined the stones, I noted ideas about these concepts more specifically.

Texture – smooth, bumpy
Shape – round, oval, oblong
Color – glossy, shiny, shades, spotted, flecks

The range of color made me think of a color wheel, which is why I organized them in a spiral patter according to color and shade.

House with Path

Here I focused on was height. I built a tower of wood scraps, piled one on top of the other. This led me to the concept of structure. I stacked the blocks and the structure looked like a house. I then focused on the architectural elements of a house – flooring, carpet, roof, beams, shingles. I did not have a set picture of a house in my mind, but I did focus on symmetry. At the end of the building process, the flat roof reminded me of a Zen or Asian house or garden, which is why I added the stone path.

Flower and Sky

I started this exploration by focusing on color and then pattern. I folded sheets of tissue paper and placed them next to each other in a circular pattern – red, yellow, white, red, yellow, white. I titled this picture “Flower and Sky,” but my first impression was of a pinwheel. That is why I added the dowel to the pattern. I had not used the blue paper, which is when I decided to make it the sky. I then focused on differences in texture and decided to crumple the white paper to make clouds. I also focused on symmetry.

Wood and Stones

I initially kept the blue paper because I liked its color as a backdrop for other materials. I kept coming back to the concept of symmetry, which is why I organized the dowels in crisscrossing lines. Again, the idea of a Zen garden or fountain came to mind. This is why I arranged the stones and dowels together in a pattern.


After reflecting again and reading these descriptions, I think the dominating concepts throughout the process were symmetry and pattern.